An allergic reaction
to anything new.

Fear and caution helped us come a long way – all the way to the present day. But they don’t really take us much further in today’s digital world. After all, taking risks no longer means getting devoured – instead, doing so often enables us to seize the biggest opportunities of our time.

A look back
at steps ahead.

Are we mourning our bank’s opening hours? Do we miss fast-forwarding cassette tapes to listen to our favourite song? Being stuck watching just a handful of TV stations in the evening? Ordering shoes online without having first tried them on? Sure thing! Many things that seemed unthinkable in the past are indispensable now.

No reason to get snuffy.

Ordering my taxi via app isn’t a new thing anymore – still, we don’t want to overdo it. Achoo! Putting cheese and blueberries in your shopping cart with a mouse-click? That’s an itch you want to scratch. Having a prescription filled digitally? Gesundheit! And once more: Gesundheit!

German angst?
German curiosity!

Germany is ranked second to last in the Digital-Health-Index 1. But the people are a stepahead of the country: More than 80% of Germans say their country needs to catch up when itcomes to health and digitalization 2. Three out of four adults think electronic medicalrecords are a good idea 3. 97% of those who have ordered prescription drugs online are happy with their purchase 4.

The best prescription for #neuschnupfen

The digital transformation can’t be stopped. It can still be healthy to be respectful of it – but fear and excessive caution aren’t good counselors any longer. You only get ahead when you continue to learn, discover, try things out. No matter whether that concerns your next prescription for cold medications or whether the cheese for your diner is still missing. Achoo? Gesundheit!

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“We eliminate the risks and side effects of digitalization.”

Every day millions of people in Germany and Europe entrust us with their most precious good – their health. What’s especially important to all of them? Our service is usually not only cheaper, but also easier to use, more discrete and more secure. Just one example: We recognize potentially dangerous medication interactions automatically.

Our members are merely pharmacies that also have a license to operate a mail order business. We meet the same strict legal requirements as traditional bricks-and-mortar pharmacies. A high degree of reliability and qualified medical consulting services are required, and therefore a given.

Digitalization makes better health for everyone possible. Using our data intelligently is the foundation of modern healthcare. More efficient – more self-reliant – more personal. It’s not even all that new anymore but has been tried and tested millions of times. In our pharmacies and with many of our European neighbours. Gesundheit!

Our members provide first aid in case of #neuschnupfen: